=====The Issue =====

A lowly bureaucrat riffling through some old paperwork has happened across a rather alarming and disturbing fact: the documentation affirming yourself as Lexen Energy's head of state was filled out improperly and now, at least for the moment, Lexen Energy has no official leader!

=====The Debate =====

1.      "There is no need to panic," says Samuel Jamieson, a senior archivist. "I've prepared a new document. All you need to do is sign across the dotted line and you will be our esteemed leader once again. Here! I've even brought a pen."


2.      "Give me that!" interrupts your brother, incorrigible as always. "I've got an idea, bear with me for a moment... a few penstrokes here... a few clauses there... finished. Now you can set yourself up as Supreme Evil Overlord For Life! If you don't have complete control then where's the fun? That's what I say. I've taken the liberty of cutting some of the more boring departments, we only really need the police and military in my opinion. Oh! You get a free space hopper too."


3.      "Hold on! Don't sign it yet! Have you ever heard the saying 'two heads are better than one'?" asks Erica du Pont, your Minister of Complicating Things. "Well, what if we had SEVERAL? I propose we gather the most senior ministers of Lexen Energy to act together as a collective head of state! That's a little more democratic than one person bossing everyone else around. Besides, even if you're not THE leader, your opinions are still deeply respected so it shouldn't be too much of a step down right?"


4.      "As if ONE leader isn't oppressive enough!" says Marlon Zhimo, a little known representative from one of Lexen Energy's more obscure counties. "Suddenly we need even more? This is a great opportunity for Lexen Energy to lose elitist concepts like 'leaders'. My ma taught me that all men are born equal and yet even in a modern country like this one person can be named Lord and King of everything. One person should not have that much power! Government policy should be the equal responsibility of all Lexen Energy's elected politicians."


5.      "If we did that, even some crackpot quango would have the same power as the Minister of Defence," argues Charles Dubois, who happens to be the Minister of Defence. "That's insane. We need strong leadership to get things accomplished! Have you ever been in a meeting where everyone's opinion is, ugh, 'equal'? They go on for HOURS. HOURS! Believe me, trying to run a government that way will be a massive, fruitless headache. The leader's word is law, and if people don't get that then maybe a little show of strength courtesy of the military wouldn't go amiss."


=====The Government Position =====

The government has yet to formalize a position on this issue.

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